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Result Mediation geeft mediationopleiding in Georgië

Begin juni 2018 gaven onze trainers Felix Merks en Elsbeth Snieders een mediationopleiding in Georgië. Dit gebeurde in samenwer [...]

Mediationopleiding in Georgië

Begin juni 2018 gaven onze trainers Felix Merks en Elsbeth Snieders een mediationopleiding in Georgië. Dit gebeurde in samenwerking met het EECMD, het Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy en het NIMD, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy. 12 enthousiaste deelnemers zijn 5 dagen intensief getraind in mediation en onderhandelvaardigheden.

Giving Back

Voor Result en haar trainers was deze training onderdeel van ons giving back programma: voor elke deelnemer die onze MfN Mediation Opleiding doet, trainen wij gratis een cursist in een post-conflict gebied.

Klik hier voor de website van het EECMD en een verslag van de training.

Deelnemers aan de training:

The Core Mediation Training ignited my interest already when I saw the call for the training. I believe a training course in Core mediation should be widely introduced to other groups of society. Especially, important I believe it to be for the future politicians since it seems to be one of the most constructive ways of settling the disputes with a win-win outcome. As for me, I have immediately started applying the new skills to my everyday work routine and it literally makes miracles; I have also made up my mind to start developing a concept of a “peer mediator” to be introduced to the schools and university of Telavi.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to enjoy every minute of this impeccably and impressively delivered training course in Core Mediation.- Tiniko Khanjaliashvili


First of all, I have to give due credit to the trainers. Trainers were undoubtedly the professionals in the field with experience of engaging with various target groups and audience. Their readiness to answer the questions and receive feedback on various activities was indeed very efficient. It was evident that the trainers followed closely to our role play, underlined the positive side of the role play and gave objective feedback for the purposes of improving the performance. Shared sense of the group to operate in a working environment during the training contributed to the understanding of the issues from different angles. Logistical side of the training was exemplary which in itself contributed to the successful implementation of the training.

Personally for me the training was very important. During the training, I saw myself as a communicator and listener. I learned to get familiar with my own behavior. Being mediator, and ‘neutral person’, during the conflict situations was interesting and unusual experience for me. All of this is going to be very helpful to me. Most importantly, this training inspired me to learn the art of mediation more thoroughly and hence contribute to the development of mediation practice in Georgia. – Tamar Mikeladze


Mediation training, which took place in Kvareli during June, 11-15th, was very impressive. Both content and learning methods of the training have exceeded all expectations.

First of all, I would like to mention a high degree of trainers’ preparation, which was evident from the outset of the training. Because of their teaching skills, I was fully paying attention to the training and have been actively engaged in the process. I particularly liked the practical side of the training which included various exercises as well as theoretical aspect which equipped us with relevant knowledge in the field of mediation.

By completing the mediation training course, I am confident that the knowledge that I have received during the training will be useful for me in order to solve personal, work-related and other types of conflicts. I remain hopeful that mediation will become as popular in Georgia as it is in the Western countries. This would provide win-win solutions to various disputes without the need of taking the case to the court.

I would like to thank the Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD) for organizing the training. This organization contributes markedly to the debates and issues that are vital for the further personal and professional development. – Nino Jintcharadze

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