The Richard Birke Negotiation Series

Together with professor Richard Birke we created an e-learning course for a better understanding of the principles of negotiation. One that combines business, law, psychology, economics, neuroscience, and game theory.

E-learning course

The e-learning course consists of 8 modules, together covering the full range of strategic and psychological aspects of negotiation. Each module requires one hour of study. In more than 60 powerful video’s, downloadable theory, quizzes, cases and exercises Richard Birke guides you through the subject matter. The e-learning is always accessible on the internet. The only thing needed is a login-name and a password. A separate pdf with the content of all eight modules is enclosed.


Richard Birke

Professor Richard Birke has been teaching dispute resolution for more than 25 years, teaching first at Stanford Law School and then coming to Willamette University College of Law in 1993 to teach and to direct the Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR). He has trained thousands of lawyers and business people over the last 20 years in the USA, the Netherlands and elsewhere. He is a two time award-winning author in the field of dispute resolution.
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8 modules e-learning




8 PE opleidingspunten KNB, MfN


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The 8 modules

Course 1: Choosing a negotiation strategy. Should I cooperate or compete?

Course 2: Preparing for Negotiation I – The “Harvard Method”

Course 3: Preparing for Negotiation II – Considering The Other Side

Course 4: The Psychology of Preparation

Course 5: The Psychology of Preparation II

Course 6: Interpersonal Skills in Negotiation & Dealing with Difficult People

Course 7: The Psychology of Persuasion I

Course 8: The Psychology of Persuasion II

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