Pre-court assessment

Avoiding protracted litigation

Through pre-court assessments, we want to keep parties from unnecessarily going to court, when the outcome could already precisely be figured out beforehand. Result Mediation utilises an expert who is impartial. Based on the input from the two parties’ lawyers, this expert analyses the probabilities. With this pre-court assessment, the decision to litigate or settle can be taken far more rationally.

Former judges

Many of the pre-court assessments are done by current or former judges. They speak with both parties and explain their perspective on the situation in light of their knowledge and experience. The former judge weighs both sides’ arguments and leads the parties through his/her findings. The former judge won’t render a judgment, but can make clear what he/she expects would happen in court. With such knowledge, the parties can formulate a solution which is good for them and which they know will not force them to waive any rights.

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Felix Merks Felix Merks is Director of Result Mediation, the largest Mediation provider in the Netherlands and member of JAMS International. Felix is an experienced mediator, trainer, and consultant in complex negotiations. He is Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam, cum laude) and has been educated as a trainer in negotiation strategy and skills at Harvard Law School. Before founding Result Mediation he held various commercial management positions at international companies. He is currently residing in Ankara, Turkey, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can reach him at +31 (0)20-2050241 or