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Esther Plompen

Esther Plompen

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Esther Plompen

Esther (1972) started her career as a private practitioner with a particular focus on employment and corporate law, advising on the legal and tactical aspects of large reorganisations, start-ups and mergers & acquisitions and at all times carefully considering the interests of the many different stakeholders in such processes.

Esther’s experience gained through a local communal services program to reconcile neighbourhood conflicts further affirmed her personal conviction that to sustainably resolve a conflict between parties, it is best if the parties design a solution themselves, together. The chances of achieving such a solution/positive result are largely enhanced through mediation. As a registered mediator with Mediation Federation Netherlands (MfN), she now is fully devoted to helping parties to sustainably resolve conflicts via an analytical and to-the-point approach, with a keen eye to the interests and views of all parties involved. (For conflicts in which the parties involved seek a decision by a third party, through arbitration or other alternative conflict resolution, Esther is also trained to set up that process, lead the parties through it and provide for all the support required).

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Esther Plompen

Experiences & specializations

A Dutch national, Esther was born in Brussels (Belgium) and so grew up in an international setting. Having spent her professional career in The Netherlands, Belgium and the US, her proficiency in Dutch (mother tongue) French and English is fluent, and she masters Spanish reasonably well.


  • Mediation training with Van der Hoeven Nelissen, followed by registration as mediator with the MfN
  • Specialty mediator training neighbourly conflicts, group mediation, coaching
  • Lawyers training with the Dutch Bar Association, followed by the Dutch Bar Exam
  • Master of Laws (LLM) Leiden University
  • Propaedeutic certificate in History, Leiden University
  • European Baccalaureate, European School Brussels

Relevant publications

  • Article in The Comparative law yearbook of international business, special issue, 2001, Kluwer 2002, regarding party-appointed vs. list-appointed arbitrators

Relevant experience

  • Mediator affiliated with Result Mediation (Amsterdam)
  • Mediator/conciliator with the local communal services program of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
  • Lawyer with Eversheds Faasen (Amsterdam)
  • Volunteer with NGO (WEDO), New York (USA)
  • Secondment as a law practitioner with Lontings & Partners (Brussels)
  • Lawyer with Steins Bisschop Meijburg &Co / KLegal (Amsterdam)

Main areas of work

  • Commercial conflicts
  • Neighbourly conflicts
  • Group conflicts (more than 2 parties involved)
  • Employment conflicts

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