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Carst Joustra mediator

Carst Joustra

Business MediatorEmployment Mediator

Carst Joustra, mediator for business and labor conflicts

  • Supportive and pragmatic
  • Empathic and solution-oriented
  • Experienced legal professional and former attorney-at-law

Carst Joustra is an MfN-registered mediator with a background in legal affairs. He started his professional life in the complex environment of former Yugoslavia, at a Croatian NGO for civil rights. From 1999 to 2007, Carst worked as an attorney at law for Kennedy Van Der Laan. He excelled at finding sustainable solutions for and on behalf of his civilian clients and their counterparties whenever legal proceedings weren’t a viable option. From 2007 to 2017, Carst helped shape Adessium Foundation, a strategic grantmaking organization, as its Assistant Director. He also serves on the Supervisory Board and consults for them on philanthropic matters. Carst is a mediator for the Amsterdam District Court and the District Court Midden-Nederland. He is member of the board of the Dutch association of specialized employment mediators (VAN), and member of the association of specialized business mediators (ZAM). Carst is a regular contributor to Mr., the go-to Dutch online platform for legal professionals, where he uses his professional experience to write about negotiation and mediation.

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Carst Joustra

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Trouble, disagreement… It doesn’t matter what you call a difficult situation. What does matter is that it distracts people from what’s really important for their organization. And then there’s the time, money, and energy it costs. If there’s an issue at play that makes it hard to work together, mediation is often a better way forward than going to court. With an experienced mediator at their side, the different parties involved retain control over the process and its results.

During a mediation process, I provide all parties with an equal amount of support while we explore and shape all possible solutions. I have found that my background in negotiation and legal matters proves useful and that those involved appreciate my empathy, creativity and sense of humor.

I ask all parties involved to show commitment and to keep an open mind whenever possible. In difficult cases, I usually recommend starting with an initial meeting to gauge whether mediation could help the matter progress. When those involved are seriously invested in solving their dispute through discussion, mediation through a neutral third party is the best way to reach a sustainable solution.

Experiences & specializations

Facilitated more than 50 successful mediations since 2017, including:

  • Conflict between Board of Directors and Supervisory Board of a museum;
  • Disagreement between business partners regarding the company;
  • Labor mediation for the Board of Directors of a family company in the logistics industry;
  • Co-operative differences within a practice for family doctors;
  • Disagreement within a Homeowners Association regarding renovations;
  • Labor mediation for management team of a production company.
A conflict distracts from what really matters to people within organizations. Carst Joustra

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