Sharing knowledge internationally

Result Mediation Training Institute regularly invites world-renowned experts to give talks about negotiation and conflict management.

The following people have given courses and workshops for us:

  • Dan Weinstein, the best-known conflict manager in the United States, having worked for such companies as Enron and Parmalat
  • Bruce Patton, known for the book Getting to Yes and for the Harvard Negotiation Project
  • Chris Voss, a former FBI negotiator and professor
  • Andrew Wei Min Lee, from the ‘Leading Negotiation Institute’ in Beijing

Wide range of topics

In recent years, Result Mediation Training Institute has organised a great many special events, including:

  • Sustainable negotiation is possible! Frans Evers
  • Getting deadlocked negotiations started again. Allen Zerkin and Felix Merks
  • The strategy and psychology behind successful negotiation. Roderick Swaab
  • Taking control in difficult negotiation situations. Bruce Patton
  • High performance negotiation. Chris T. Voss
  • Advanced negotiation. Lawrence H. Susskind
  • Negotiating with Chinese business contacts. Andrew Lee
  • The nine skills of excellent negotiation. Chris T. Voss

Interested in finding out more? Click here te see the list of scheduled events.