drs. D.G. Maas

Business mediator

Dominique Maas

Dominique Maas has 20 years of experience in multiple (international) positions in the field of financial services. In those years she was able to gain extensive experience regarding various strategic, operational and financing issues in the corporate world and family businesses. Issues where conflicts often occur as a result of differences in understanding and expectations between the parties involved. Furthermore, in the various management positions that she held, she was confronted with conflicts with clients and employees, and it turned out that she was good at intuitively bringing parties together. Due to these various roles, it soon became clear to her that she has a natural gift for setting frozen conflicts into motion.

Since 2014 she has decided to apply her full knowledge and business experience entirely to mediation as a mediator in business, employment and team conflicts. Her business background is valuable to her, as she is convinced that a mediator further to professional mediation and negotiation techniques, can add additional value to its clients through business experience in the relevant issues or sector.

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