Business disputes

Top-level conflict solvers

Shareholders, managing directors and managers are increasingly opting to resolve business disputes out of court, as this is often much more efficient than litigating. Our ‘conflict solvers’, mediators and arbitrators, have years of top-level experience in the business world, judiciary and legal profession. This includes handling such matters as:

  • conflicts within companies, say, between shareholders, supervisory boards and managing directors, or between management boards and works councils, and conflicts within medical and other partnerships;
  • conflicts between companies, for example, with consortiums or joint ventures, long-term partnerships, contractual obligations and competitive conditions;
  • conflicts between companies, government authorities and societal organisations;
  • evaluation of management board and supervisory board performance;
  • liability issues and insurance cases.

Conflict analysis and resolution process

The conflict solver’s role differs in each case. It is often agreed that the parties will be spoken to separately first. The dispute is then analysed, and a resolution process is proposed. If the disputes includes an important legal aspect, it may be agreed with the two parties that an authoritative legal expert (for instance, a former judge) will furnish clarity on this aspect through a binding or other opinion or an arbitration decision. We also provide customised resolution strategies for corporate valuation issues.

Result Mediation gets you to a solution

Result Mediation guides these processes successfully. In practice, a solution is often closer than you think. We find solutions which enable the parties to move on, thanks to our broad experience with Harvard Negotiation, Legal Mediation and binding (and other) opinions/arbitrations in sub-proceedings. The risk and expense of a lawsuit is consequently avoided.


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Felix Merks is Director of Result Mediation, the largest Mediation provider in the Netherlands and member of JAMS International. Felix is an experienced mediator, trainer, and consultant in complex negotiations. He is Master of Dispute Resolution (University of Amsterdam, cum laude) and has been educated as a trainer in negotiation strategy and skills at Harvard Law School. Before founding Result Mediation he held various commercial management positions at international companies. He is currently residing in Ankara, Turkey, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can reach him at +31 (0)20-2050241 or