Decisions by impartial experts

In arbitration, a binding opinion concerning a dispute is given by an impartial expert. Arbitration is an effective way of deciding disputes without lengthy, sprawling court proceedings. It goes faster, too: The arbitration is tailored to the situation, and an arbitrator is selected for the specific dispute.

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Our arbitrators are authoritative legal experts, including current and former district court and appellate judges.

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Esther T. Plompen-Somsen, master of laws (LLM)

Esther (1972) started her career as a private practitioner with a particular focus on employment and corporate law, advising on the legal and tactical aspects of large reorganisations, start-ups and mergers & acquisitions and at all times carefully considering the interests of the many different stakeholders in such processes.

For conflicts in which the parties involved seek a decision by a third party, through arbitration or other alternative conflict resolution, Esther is also trained to set up that process, lead the parties through it and provide for all the support required.

– Mediation training with Van der Hoeven Nelissen, followed by registration as mediator with the MfN
– Specialty mediator training neighbourly conflicts, group mediation, coaching
– Lawyers training with the Dutch Bar Association, followed by the Dutch Bar Exam
– Master of Laws (LLM) Leiden University
– Propaedeutic certificate in History, Leiden University
– European Baccalaureate, European School Brussels