Report on ADR by Dutch Research and Documentation centre

2018-01-27T11:57:16+02:0024 January, 2018|News|

Report on ADR by Dutch Research and Documentation centre Recently the Dutch research and Documentation Centre published a report on ADR in the Dutch justice system. The main research question in this report is if the core values of the rule of law are sufficiently upheld in current forms of out-of-court or ‘alternative’ dispute resolution [...]

Ideas4Culture merges with Result mediation

2018-01-16T17:14:13+02:0016 January, 2018|news, News|

Ideas4Culture merges with Result mediation It is with pleasure that, as per January 1st, 2018, Result Mediation has taken over the activities of Ideas4Culture B.V. from Juanita Wijnands. After a long and fruitful cooperation together, we are proud to incorporate the intercultural management consultancy and training expertise of Ideas4Culture into our organization. This not only [...]

De 5 principes van Harvard onderhandelen: bepaal je BATNA (5)

2019-03-11T17:18:21+02:0015 January, 2018|5 principes van Harvard Onderhandelen, kennisdeling|

Bepaal je BATNA Dit is deel vijf van de serie “5 principes van Harvard Onderhandelen”. Hier zijn de eerdere delen. De BATNA Je BATNA is het Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement. Of, in het Nederlands, het Beste Alternatief Zonder Overeenstemming (BAZO). De vraag die je jezelf moet stellen is: stel ik kom er [...]